Our Story




As is so often the case, the idea for Gift of Spirits was born out of a problem. The journey started one day when looking to send a set of high quality whiskey glasses to a friend as a gift for a milestone birthday. It was assumed this would be a very quick task but after much searching and frustration, no suitable services were found to meet our need. Over several months and after discussions with many acquaintances, we were convinced that there was a clear demand for a service bringing beautiful gifts and products to whiskey enthusiasts across Canada and the United States and we were determined to create such a service.


The 'we' in this case are Caroline and John, the founders of Gift of Spirits, located in Vancouver on the beautiful west coast of Canada. Hailing originally from England and Ireland, we brought with us an appreciation and passion for the centuries old craft of making fine spirits. 


From the outset we set a goal to create the best online shopping experience, starting by selecting only the highest rated and most sought after whiskey glasses and sourcing those direct from the manufacturers. To help customers choose the best glass, an honest and sales-pitch free guide is provided and consistent information is presented for each product. Acknowledging that a set of whiskey glasses can be a truly wonderful gift, we make gift wrap and gift message options available at checkout and to complete the shopping experience, fast and safe delivery with tracking across Canada and the United States is provided. 


We hope long-time whiskey lovers as well as those new to exploring the world of whiskey will put their trust in us to deliver their next set of wonderfully crafted whiskey glasses.


Caroline, John

Gift of Spirits