Túath Whiskey Glass

The Túath (pronounced: tu-ah) whiskey glass, named from the old Irish for family or nation, is shaped to concentrate and capture all the aromas and flavours of quality whiskies. With its unique stem, inspired by the iconic Irish landmark of Skellig Michael, it is sure to be an attention grabber when sharing a fine whiskey among friends.

NEAT Artisan Spirits Glass

Much science and research has gone into the creation of NEAT spirits glasses. The design enhances the drinking experience by intensifying complex aromas while diffusing harsher ethanol. The NEAT Artisan glass has been used as the official judging and tasting glass in over 30 major competition events worldwide. 

Choosing The Right Whiskey Glass For You

The whiskey glass you choose will certainly be guided by personal preference, however there are attributes to look out for to help ensure that the glass you select heightens the experience of drinking quality whiskies while also feeling great in your hand and looking great. We provide some advice on what to look out for.

Memorable Gifts

Stylish whiskey glasses make the perfect gift as they have been created with skillful workmanship and they take centre stage in gatherings of family and friends. With gift cards, gift wrapping and personalized gift messages, Gift of Spirits is here to making gift giving easy.